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Do you often find yourself rethreading your machine because of skipped stitches, thread looping on the bottom, or just general tension problems when using a monofilament/nylon thread? Though it's not always the first conclusion we jump to, the problem is often in the thread!

If you take your spool of thread and unwind about 12-14 inches, does it curl like an old-style phone cord? When monofilament and nylon threads start to get old or are low quality, it can start to flatten out and curl, causing it to slip out of the take-up lever or the tension or loop on the bottom. Remember, it's not how long you've had the thread but how long it's been on the spool since it left the manufacturer.

There are a few things you can do to avoid these issues with monofilament or nylon threads. When you purchase a new spool of thread, purchase from a good name brand. Buying in smaller spool sizes also works better because there is less thread on the spool. You can also use a thread lubricant on thread you currently have to help it glide through properly. Sewer's Aid  is a great thread lubricant that we carry in store for this purpose. Applying it down the side of the whole spool will lubricate all of the thread on the spool so you can use the whole thing with no worries. (Thread lubricant is also a miracle cure for metallic threads, especially when embroidering.) You may also find better results or less issues with crosswound thread rather than horizontal thread since it is designed to come off the end of the spool rather than the side. And lastly, standing your spool up rather than laying it down can help combat this issue if you're using a horizontal wound thread. This can help by not allowing the thread to fall off and have too much slack while you are sewing.

If you find yourself having these issues with monofilament or nylon threads, try these few steps. If you are still having issues, feel free to give us a call any time during our store hours at 309-685-5558!

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