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Baby Lock

"For the Love of Sewing" - It's the Baby Lock motto and way of life. If you love to work with needles and thread, then you'll love the way a Baby Lock machine can enhance your entire sewing experience. Baby Lock was the first company to bring the home serger to American sewing enthusiasts, and has since remained dedicated to bringing revolutionary sergers, sewing machines and embroidery machines to the market.

Baby Lock got its start when a group of engineers in Japan took a chance on a new product. It was a smaller version of an industrial overlock machine or a "baby lock". A St. Louis-based, family-owned company saw the benefit of this new machine, and brought it to the United States. This marked the introduction of the first home serger in the U.S. market.

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Janome products have been at the cutting edge of sewing technology since the earliest days of our founding. We were the first to develop a computerized machine for home use (the Memory 7, in 1979), the first to offer professional style embroidery to the home market (the Memory Craft 8000, in 1990) and the first to offer a long-arm quilting machine for home use (the Memory Craft 6500P, in 2003). The long-arm quilting machine has also evolved to the fourth generation with the introduction of the Horizon Memory Craft 9400QCP, which features 11 inches of arm space, removable AcuFeed Flex dual feed, and a high resolution LCD touch screen with jog dial control.

Our mission is to produce machines which inspire creativity and innovation, yet are simple to use. We know the most important thing about our products is not the machines themselves, but what you create with them. The better your tools, the more inventive, artistic and pleasurable your sewing experience. That’s why we design our machines for performance, but also for comfort, quality, and intuitive ease of operation.

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Elna logo


Elna sewing machines have been around since 1940 with the launch of the Elna # 1, the first compact, portable, electric sewing machine with a free arm (when unfolded, its metal carrying case formed a sewing table). The Elna # 1 was green in color, breaking away from the traditional black, an innovation in itself for the time. The machine was a resounding success and so began Elna's commitment to the home sewing industry.

The Elna Supermatic was introduced in 1952 featuring zigzag stitches and interchangeable cams, designed to produce different stitch patterns.

In 1968, the Elna Lotus was launched, a compact sewing machine with a unique design. Today you can find the Elna Lotus in the Design Collection of New York's Museum of Modern Art (MOMA).

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In 1919 Vittorio Necchi, of Italy's famous Necchi manufacturing family, returned from WWI to take his place running their cast iron foundry in Pavia. He soon saw that the business world was rapidly changing and the family business would need explore a new direction. When his wife asked him to buy her a sewing machine, her only choices were imported models made in the U.S. and northern Europe. Vittorio had an idea: why not create Italy's first sewing machines company?

Vittorio set up his first sewing machine production facility with 40 workers and by 1924 had produced his first model, the Necchi BD. Initially sales were small, but with persistence and constant improvement Necchi soon introduced the BU model with advanced features like a zig zag stitch. Sales began to take off.

By 1946 the Necchi Sewing Machine Company was producing 1,000 machines a day, employing 4,500 workers, and selling to more than 10,000 retailers. Now the U.S. and the rest of Europe were importing these high quality Italian machines.

Throughout the 20th century Necchi continued to innovate with machines like the boldly futuristic Logica and the elegant Mirella, which is part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Today, Necchi continues Vittorio's tradition of excellent quality and innovative design. Sewists the world over love Necchi machines for their reliable performance and excellent value.

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For more than 160 years, our holding company, AMANN, has been one of the international leading enterprises in the production of high-quality sewing- and embroidery-yarn. Primarily, AMANN was a Swabian company which was founded in 1854 in Bönnigheim, but is now the market leader in Germany. Due to its strong market position in Europe, AMANN has also become one of the three biggest global production companies of high-quality yarn.

Whether in the dazzling fashion world or in the innovative automobile industry, AMANN is always looking for the perfect solution for every application and for the variable needs of its customers.

With our strong international brand "Amann Group Mettler" we are serving the consumer division as a subsidiary of AMANN. Our full product range caters for every need and sets the creative spirit free. With a huge selection of synthetic as well as natural threads, we match the highest needs of our customers in the different areas of sewing, quilting, embroidery and overlocking. We offer thread, colour and phantasy for million of sewers in the whole world.

Behind our success lies a typically German quality standard which makes us unique. Amann Group Mettler does not only represent product quality, but also manufacturing quality, functional quality, service quality and many other qualities besides. In order to satisfy our own high standards every day, we have to constantly challenge ourselves. This enables us to identify the solutions that lie behind problems and the innovations that lie behind products.

Discover the world of Amann Group Mettler, which is renowned for products of the very highest quality.